10 Things It's okay to change yourself, for someone you love

While you should never change your core identity and values ​​in favor of someone else's, making sacrifices is a big part of having a functional and healthy relationship. Here are some things that might be okay to give up or at least improve within yourself.

first Hobbies and certain interests. You do not have to drop those that you already love, but taking new ones that have shared bonding experiences and can appeal to your partner can bring you closer. Discover new sports, TV shows or book!

second Exercise habits and diet. You could even stop smoking! These changes are positive and will not only impress your partner, but help you to live longer and stay in amazing shape. Why not take good care of you?

third Cities or even countries. Love does not abide by the rules of citizenship. And while recording and moving is not easy for anyone, it can be exciting for some and a fresh start. If you feel like the right choice for the rest of your life (not just relationship), why not go out of your comfort zone?

4th You could trade these bad qualities for better ones. We all have a vice – maybe your partner encourages you not to indulge him. If you are always late, they can help you become a more punctual person – a little effort is a long way.


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