10 things men secretly want from women, but rarely inquire

What do people really want? While women have always been emotionally complex with their feelings and needs, men seem much simpler and less puzzling. Agree? Certainly not! Just because boys are shy or afraid to talk about their desires and feelings does not mean that they do not have them. The truth is that they are not only discussing these things with women, but also with their buddies. It is something that is not easy for men to be vulnerable and sincere, but they are slowly learning how to do it. And while they're at it, we still have to figure out what they want. Here are 10 things that women secretly want, but rarely demand.

Men want romance
Yes, we are not the only ones who melt before a beautiful romantic gesture, boys love them too! But because our culture and society have decided what is "masculine" and what is "girly," the boys usually end up on the donation side. If you want to deepen the relationship with your friend, think of the most romantic thing and just do it! Whether it's a rooftop date or a star sightseeing, he'll definitely appreciate the effort.

Men want to feel the hunt
While modern women are all about getting started, men still want to feel persecuted. It does not mean that you should not do anything to develop your relationship, but let him take the lead for a while – who knows, maybe you'll enjoy it! Do not rush into things and let him take a few steps. Guys do not really feel like being forced to do anything, especially with relationships.

Men want you to accept their help
The guys are all about action and what better way to show their love than to help you with something? Yes, we are independent and able to do something ourselves, and yes, people really like it and respect it. Still, if he offers to carry your bags, he just says he wants to do something nice for you, make your life a bit easier. Even though these bags are not that heavy, leave them! They will both be happy.

Men want appreciation
It's such a simple thing, but we often forget that this relationship is a game of twos and we, ladies, are not the ones who do all the heavy-lifting (though sometimes it looks like that). Be grateful for your husband! If he does something special for you – give him credit and thank him. It's the little details that matter, and it's good if you notice them.


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