10 things that attract the opposite sex like a magnet

What is an attraction about? Is it just your appearance or is it more than that? Most people will agree that the first thing they notice about a person is what they look like: their hair color, eye color, body proportions, style, etc. Of course, it's not the only thing that interests us, few people are so superficial , We care about personality traits, sense of humor, character, kindness, morals and all that, but you only learn that after actually having spoken and getting to know them better. But what does this initial attraction do? Is there any reason or reason for this? Well, it turns out it's there. There are actually a few things that attract us to people right away, and some of them vary by gender.

1. Body language
Let's start with something we all have in common. Both men and women tend to target active body language partners, 9 out of 10 times you will want to see this person again or have a conversation with them. It even works with pictures. Everyone prefers photos that were taken in motion and did not always pose.

2. Parents lookalikes
This may sound a bit scary, but we often choose partners who remind us of our parents. It does not always mean that your partner needs to visualize your parents, in most cases it can only be a trait or a character trait. But men tend to choose women who have a similar personality to their mothers, while women often choose men who have the same eye color as their father.

3. Pets
This is a funny thing, but women tend to find men who have pets more attractive than those who do not. Owning a dog seems to be a winner when it comes to conquering a woman's heart. It probably has something to do with her ability to care for another creature that melts women's hearts. But when it comes to men, they do not seem to care if we have pets or not.

4. smell
Another weird thing that could attract us to a potential partner is their smell. Women love musky, woody smells on men, they make them look more masculine and attractive. While men prefer women to smell like tasty snacks like freshly baked cookies or a nice brownie. So you know what that means for ladies – go for sweet scents.


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