10 things that girls do that annoy guys in a relationship

We all love everything about our friends – but sometimes small things can get on our nerves. Well, the same goes for him! Girls do not have angels and often make little annoyances that they may not be aware of, but their husbands are sure!

you can not choose a restaurant and deciding which kitchen you should choose is more of a headache than a funny decision. She takes hours to choose a location, but her friend still gives his input, even though it's her way or the highway when it comes to taking away.

Lift his clothes off the ground. You may think you are doing a favor by picking up his dirty clothes, but little you know, it gets on his nerves. Well, that makes it a draw because it leaves dirty things and is just as frustrating!

She always falls asleep during movies. This is sometimes irritating, but if it looks like your wife is always falling asleep halfway through the movie, it can get a bit annoying. If he had known that, he would have chosen an action movie about a chick movie!

Ask him to be more romantic. Sometimes the boys interpret this as critical and judgmentless and as little appreciative of their current efforts. When women get the idea of ​​being more romantic, they have to be very light and careful.


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