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10 things that make you a perfect friend


Is there a recipe for a perfect girlfriend? We do not think. But there are definitely some qualities that help build a lasting, happy relationship when both are satisfied and at the same time excited to see what happens next. It's about trust, understanding for yourself and a generally positive attitude towards life. Here are 10 things that make you a perfect friend.

They are supportive
Of course, men are confident, but they say that behind every big man is a woman for a reason. Your support or lack of it can make all the difference. You are not alone on his side, but you can also give him a lot of criticism wherever it is needed. Because you care about him and want him to be happy.

You give him space
Space is as important to him as it is to you. As a couple, you can share a lot, but it's still impossible to share everything. He has his own hobbies or interests that you do not particularly like, so what you do is enjoy his time.

You know what you want
It is important to make compromises from time to time, but it is even more important to know yourself, your needs and desires. In this way, you will never do anything that will make you unhappy just because you thought you would like it or improve your relationship. He would never want that sacrifice from you and you would blame him anyway.

You are real
There comes a point in the relationship when you wake up and kiss without brushing your teeth. when he sees your swollen, flawless face after a sleepless night; If you train for a day and wear trainers and a T-shirt bites a TV show while you survive on the first day of your period. All of these things make you both grow closer because you are real and not trying to hide your true feelings or imperfections.


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