10 things that women seek for a man before they fall into him

Little does men know, women usually have a checklist that they check off before they fully invest in a man and make the big jump to fall head over heels in love with him. Someone has to make sure that his heart is not kicked, and these qualities help us to feel a little safer.

1. A guy who loves your family and spends time with them. If you want to enjoy family time instead of running away or calling your relatives, this is a fantastic sign.

2. A ride or a cube – the last one puts him through thick and thin. With its ugliest screaming moments and crises in your life, it has proven to be a crucial source of support and compassion.

3. Overall transparency. If a girl sees the guy with his phone in the dark or is in any way a secret, it's a red flag. So we're looking for the opposite end of the spectrum, which is absolute honesty.

4. Do not be afraid of the PDA or feel awkward. When a man shows you his love in public, he tells the world that you belong to him and he is proud to show you. We no longer need cowards here.


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