10 things to do around him to see if he is interested

I firmly believe that if you are interested in a guy you should not wait for, take the first step. It's 2018, we no longer have to wait for the men to reach us, we can take the lead if we want. But I also see how it could be a bit embarrassing and unpleasant, especially if you do not know the guy well and you do not know if he's interested or not. And while rejection is a normal thing and we should all learn to handle it and keep going, no one really wants to oppose it. So, here are some tricks you can use around the guy you'd like to see, if he's interested, before deciding if you should make your move.

1. Make eye contact
It is one of the oldest tricks in the book. If you look at a guy in the room and he does not look away, it's good to sing. It works the same way if you already talk to him. Just look him in the eye and continue the conversation if he does not look away, smiles or blushes – you know he's in you.

2. Smile at Him
Smiling a man and seeing if he retaliates is another great way to see if he is interested. If a guy completely ignores it or looks away, he probably is not interested. But if he smiles back and looks at you, that's a pretty good sign that he likes you.

3. Get in his personal space
We are all very protective of our personal space and we do not like it being invaded unless it is someone who is very hot and attractive – then we do not care so much about it. Use this to test if a man likes you – just stand closer to him than you normally would and see if he has anything against it. If he stays right where he is, you know he does not mind coming up close.

4. Exit the room
Alternatively, you could try to see if he is interested by making eye contact and leaving the room to see if he comes to find you. When you talk to him – even better. Excuse me and leave the room for a while or find a friend to talk to. This will give you a good opportunity to see if he is looking for you or looking forward to seeing you when you return.


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