10 tips for not losing yourself in marriage

Marriage is an amazing experience for men and women, but it requires a lot of work. It's a natural evolution of your relationship and if you feel stifled for some reason, when the wedding ceremony is over and your honeymoon is long gone, then you're definitely doing something wrong. Many women tend to sacrifice themselves for a relationship, but that's not how things work. To build a truly healthy and happy marriage, both partners need to be on solid ground, who they are and what they want in life. Even if you live together, you are still two different people. Here are 10 tips on how you can not lose yourself in marriage.

Do not change who you are
Of course, change is inevitable once you get into a serious long-term relationship, but that does not mean you have to forget about your pre-marriage life and become someone you are not. If anything, things should get easier with marriage, as you always have a special person who will support you as you grow and get to know each other better. Remember, as you both begin this exciting journey together.

Spend some time apart
You still have your friends and family – all those special connections that will not disappear once you get married. You do not have to go anywhere with your partner. In fact, it is best if you spend some time, what you love or have fun with your best friends. In this way you will keep your relationship fresh and never lose your sense of self.

Enjoy your hobbies
It's good if you have similar interests, but it's fine if you do not. You should definitely share some activities with your husband, but enjoying your own hobbies all by yourself is another great way to avoid losing yourself in marriage. Doing what you love generally makes you happy, and that is very important to building a strong and healthy relationship with your husband.

Speak out
It is very important to talk to your partner and speak out when something bothers you or you do not understand something. Men can not read minds and the same goes for women. Ask him about the decision that you do not think is right or about some financial issues that you find disturbing. Talk about whatever comes to your mind and together you will definitely find a common denominator.


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