10 tips on how to get perfect eyebrows

When your eyes are the windows of your soul, eyebrows are the key to our emotions. We express ourselves a lot with them. We frown to show confusion or sadness, we raise our eyebrows in surprise, we raise one to show skepticism. They are quite important when it comes to showing how we feel and what we think in a given situation. And these days they are also a fashion statement. You have to be in the patch all the time. So here are 10 tips on how to get perfect eyebrows.

1. Grow her
Thin brows are outside. Now it's all about thick, bushy brows, so first things first – you have to grow your eyebrows. Let them stay for a month, do not pinch them and see what happens. You may look like a werewolf at first, but it will be worth it in the end. You must first see all your brows and their natural shape and then see what you want to improve.

2. Condition
If your eyebrows do not grow so fast, you can help them by treating them with an eyebrow conditioner, applying special growth serums, or at least massaging some coconut oil into them to condition them. Vitamins and supplements for hair and nails can also help.

3. Choose the right shape
Once your eyebrows have grown, you can now figure out which form you will go in. If your brows have a natural bow to them – great. If they do not – there are big brews in there, so do not rush to pick this bow. Take your time, use some templates to see which eyebrow shape suits you best. You can always just take a brow pencil and literally draw on different eyebrow shapes to see what looks best.

4. Showers or use a warm washcloth
Once you have found out the shape you want, take a hot shower or use a warm washcloth on the eyebrows to open the puddles and soften the skin. In this way, pricking will not be painful and the little hair will be easier to pick.


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