10 types of women All men run from

You've probably had this not-so-pleasant experience when you meet a guy and after a day / week / month dating you realize that he's not the type. And the search starts all over again, if that's your thing, of course. It's not surprising, it's the same for guys! There are some things, red flags, little details and habits that just scare them off. All these together make up the kind of girls who want to avoid. Do you want to know what they are? Here are 10 types of women from which all men run.

Social media addicts
There's nothing wrong with having some social media presence – after all, it's a great platform to promote your business and keep in touch with your friends. But it is not normal for women (or men) to focus more on their social lives than in real ones. Some women become addicted to the false sense of approval they get from social media, and even when they start dating they are more focused on posting photos on Instagram than getting to know their partner. It's a big no-no for boys.

Ball Buster
This type of woman is really scary because she is arrogant, she literally controls everything, and she will always be able to control her and will make any man who feels miserable at the end of their relationship. Of course, this will soon end because it is impossible to live under such pressure. She will always tell her husband that he is wrong and try to show him the way to a better future.

Yet, there are women who use their sexuality to attract men. These women usually look stunning, exude sensuality, take good care of themselves to look good, but are pretty lazy inside. Her true nature will definitely reveal itself and she will begin to use sex as a lever to get what she wants.

gold digger
We can all agree that gold diggers are the worst. They may seem charming, caring and caring, but they are just behind men's money and nothing else. It's hard to say if the woman is a gold digger at first glance, but over time some red flags will pop out. Such women always rely on a man's pocket when it comes to paying tabs, and they take it for granted. They try to lure people into a more expensive lifestyle and make them spend more money to be with them. Of course, guys hate this type of women and we can easily understand why.


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