10 uninteresting guys do not know they are doing it

The boys may complain about all the unintentional shutdowns the girls commit, but they have their own fair share of unattractive movements that we also want to address. Here are the most annoying things we can remember.

1. When boys spit excessively on the street. We understand it – sometimes sinus and congestion problems make it hard not to be rude on occasion. But if they overdo it and spit constantly between conversations, that is a departure.

2. If you only play videos or computer games. Then, when the game is over, they are ready for sexy time. I'm sorry, brother, but when I played Call of Duty, it was not a prelude to me.

3. If they are too much like an alpha male and get a bloated ego about things, also known as a big head. Nothing like a high order of narcissism to make a guy ugly.

4. When talking about how much money they are constantly earning, or with well-known celebrities who they know or work with occasionally. Does not look like paparazzi are following us and women do not have a price tag anyway, so bye.


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