10 ways to tell your husband that you love him without actually saying a word

If you have been in a relationship for more than a few months, you know that there are many ways to show your husband that you are interested. At the beginning of your relationship, it's great to say the actual words (but not too soon!). But later you realize that love is more than just saying beautiful words. It's about respect, attention, caring and sometimes even about his needs. There are more than a few things you can do to tell your husband that you love him without saying it. Here's what you can try now.

Listen to him
It's the best thing you can do when listening to your guy talking to you about a topic that does not seem particularly exciting. The thing is, it's harder for men to open up and talk about feelings or other vulnerable things that women have no problem with. Nevertheless, they want to connect through discussions with you. Take the phone out of yours and just listen to him. You never know where this conversation will lead you!

Brag with him
Preferably do it in front of other people. Brag about what a great man he is and how much he means to you and how your life has changed for the better once you are together. Only say it if you are serious! He will definitely appreciate your sincerity and, well, love. It works well if you do it when no one else is around.

Set his needs
Make him a cup of coffee in the morning while you make one yourself, buy a pack of his favorite biscuits or plan a night in the cinema and watch the movie he has been waiting for forever.

Tell him he is prettier than Chris Hemsworth
Or any other male celebrity that he knows is incredibly attractive. It could boost his ego-bit, but his self-confidence as a man will go sky-high. Nothing says "I love you" more than admitting that he is the most beautiful man in the world.


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