11 characters that you date a control freak

We all want to control things at least partially. But when it comes to relationships, it's much harder to build on control, mistrust and the movement of each partner. If you feel that your friend is too obtrusive and literally wants to know everything about where you go, who you talk to and how you spend your free time, which does not involve him – well, there's a big chance that it's your date with a control freak and things will only get worse. Here are the 11 most important characters to watch out for.

He thinks it's okay to check your phone
Now here's a red flag, if we've ever seen one. If a guy thinks he's okay (or that he has the right) to go through your stuff, phone calls, and messages, then he's 100% control freak with huge confidence issues. If you say it's not okay and it does not stop – say goodbye.

He tells you what to wear
If it feels like you are losing your style with its endless complaints and advice, it gives you something to carry and not to wear when you go out, then you should definitely tell it is too much.

He is the one who makes all the plans
Not having to decide where to go and what to do may have been fun in the beginning, but now it's time for you to decide all your social interactions. Maybe you wanted to go out with your friends this weekend, but he's already planning his own event and you're one of them. Not negotiable.

He tells you what to eat
Your diet is a personal, intimate affair. If you feel like eating some junk food or drinking an extra-large cup of coffee, then it's your choice and he's not the right one! We are what we eat, and trying to tell you what to eat means that he is trying to control your entire life.


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