11 funny things to do with your BFF that you will always remember

You would not call a friend your BFF, and there's a reason for that. Best friends are there for you, no matter what! You call first if you are extremely happy or angry. They are the ones that share your heartaches and breakthroughs. They are there for you if you want to have a coffee or the adventure of a lifetime. And as with all relationships, friendships must be seasoned from time to time. Here are 11 fun things to do with your BFF that you will remember forever.

Get into your Disney mode
Who does not love Disney? Whether oldies like Aladdin or newer additions like Moana, Disney movies just have the amazing ability to make us happy and happy. So, go ahead, buy your favorite pieces, pick a collection of your favorite movies and plan a weekend to watch with your beast.

Take a road trip
A road trip is the ultimate adventure that all beasties should try at least once. It's not about the destination, it's about the road, great music, conversation, junk food and stunning scenery behind your window. A weekend off, fill up the tank and off you go! This is something that you and your BFF will definitely remember forever.

Take photos in a photo booth

It's fun, stupid, and in the end there are some nice photos that you can actually hold in your hands! This could be a bit old-fashioned for this age of digital photography, but the whole experience is worth it.

Do a double date
Or better yet, make a double blind date! Nothing can be compared to the thrill of a blind date because you never know what to expect. Well, if you have your BFF by your side, you can literally be confronted with everything that is good, bad or inexplicable. You also feel better and feel in good hands.


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