11 Mehndi Design The secret meanings that you should know

    The ancient practice of henna tattoos goes back thousands of years. Some believe it is as old as Mahabharata himself, a legendary Hindu epic written five thousand years ago. Today, henna tattoos, also called mehndi, are used in various ceremonies such as weddings, blessings, and birthday parties to express happiness and love. Only Mehndi masters know all the secrets of henna tattoo! Today, however, we present you 11 secrets that you should know.

    Lotus is a symbol with hundreds of meanings, but it is mostly used to represent purity and the awakening of a soul. It also stands for sensuality, beauty, femininity and grace.

    Henna flowers symbolize happiness and absolute joy. This is the kind of design that you will see on the beautiful brides during the wedding ceremonies.

    Another popular item for wedding henna design is a gorgeous peacock. This bird is really exquisite and beautiful. No wonder his secret is beauty too.

    Henna bird designs require a lot of complexity and careful placement. Birds like sparrows and parrots usually symbolize freedom.

    On most Mehndi designs, you can see grapevines and creepers of all kinds. This beautiful leaf element symbolizes longevity, vitality and strength – qualities that are essential for a relationship to prosperity.

    Butterflies and dragonflies
    Butterflies stand for transformation, dragonflies symbolize rebirth and change.

    Fish items are not as common as other Mehndi designs, but they may still be displayed from time to time. Fish in Mehndi are reminiscent of a woman's eyes, and that's what henna fish are used for!

    Sun (or Surya) is one of the strongest henna tattoo symbols. The ultimate source of energy is the sun for knowledge, love and immortality.

    In henna designs, water is represented by a river of playful waves. It is a symbol of purification, but it can also mean the eternal change of feelings. It describes life itself!

    Moon symbolizes love that will last forever, change and protection from evil. When a baby is due, Mehndi Masters use the Crescent to point out the event.

    Mandala is a symbol widely used in Hinduism and Buddhism. This henna design represents the universe itself, making it one of the most commonly used elements in Mehndi designs.

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