11 things every man cares about on the first date

While women often expect them to spend hours worrying and caring before the first date, men find these moments just as unnerving. Here's what your guy was nervous of when you first met, or what potential applicants will bite.

1. What he wears. No, it's not just girls who try on ten dresses and panic what they like. The boys will be worried about their hair, whether they are wearing a suit, whether the jeans are okay and a whole other swarm of ideas that you probably will not think twice.

2. Will we have the spark – will she like me? Chemistry is always a colorful mix, and especially if you have met in an app, you are not sure how it will turn out, even if you find the other person good. And fear of validation is normal for everyone, especially if you feel vulnerable on the first date.

3. When he's not in the girl, he panics as he leaves the date. How do you become a gentleman, but leave as soon as possible? Fake an emergency? Do you have a Friend?

4. Will she take the first step? Some people prefer to keep things traditional and be aggressive when it comes to who makes a move first while others love when the woman takes responsibility for a situation.


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