11 ways to detoxify your body this winter


    In the cold winter months detoxification is just as important as in summer. In fact, it can be even more important to the health of your mind and body because it is easier to become depressed in the winter due to lack of sunshine, vitamins, and the general motivation to go out, move, and move. To feel good, strengthen and lose weight at the same time, you need to change your diet a bit and upgrade it with various warming drinks and foods that will fill you up without feeling heavy. You can still drink detox juices, but now is the time to change the usual summer recipes and add more vitamins for an energy boost. Here are 11 ways to detoxify your body this winter.

    lemon water
    It is extremely important how you start your day and we do not talk about breakfast and your favorite coffee. That will come later! Drink a glass of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon to detoxify your liver and boost your metabolism early in the morning.

    All-inclusive Smoothie
    It's time to seriously look at your smoothies and opt for a monster smoothie recipe that includes spinach, kale, half anapny, a handful of frozen berries, a quarter cup of coconut milk, and a few drops of almond extract to give natural sweetness. Needless to say, this monster is made of a Superfood smoothie and contains a large amount of vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and proteins – all of which you'll crave in the cold winter months.

    Improve your diet
    In winter, you should pay special attention to what you eat. Your diet should contain more healthy fats like coconut oil, seeds, nuts and avocado, as well as leafy vegetables like spinach and fruits that contain most of the vitamins like lemons and apples.

    Drink warm water
    Cold water can be good in summer, but it is better to always drink warm or hot water as it promotes digestion. This practice was also described in Ayurveda and we assure that it works perfectly!


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