11 ways Yoga can help your career

Climbing up the ladder and the mindful art of yoga seem to be two very different things, but they actually go hand in hand. Including different aspects of the yoga lifestyle will help you kill it at work and gain the virtues you never thought possible.

1. It has been proven to reduce stress. The effects of yoga affect our habits and thought patterns, slow down the nervous system, bring a resonating "Zen" feeling and increase emotional stability, which can be very useful in the workplace.

2. It can help you to feel more centered and balanced. It's shit on stress and chaos, but it happens to the best of us. Yoga can help us to regain our composure and focus on breathing.

3. Yoga strengthens your self-confidence. The advancement of one's own abilities and strengths increases gradually and helps to recognize obstacles as an opportunity for growth. Challenge yourself in yoga challenge yourself in life!

4. You can turn off the external noise. Goodbye annoying pin-clicking girl and endless email updates – Yoga forces you to find inner silence through introspection that allows us to access serenity anytime, anywhere.


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