11 ways Yoga can help your career

5. It shows you that you are satisfied with your limits. Not every one of us can take a pretzel pose and that's fine. Yoga is about getting on smoothly and accepting your limitations and alleged shortcomings. It reminds us that we can not always come first, but self-care is a priority.

6. It teaches self-discipline. Yoga is a routine obligation to challenge your mental, physical and spiritual nature. This mindful philosophy goes beyond training – it helps you focus on yourself, make responsible choices, and become aware of yourself.

7. It makes sure you appreciate the small profits. Some poses may prove impossible, but if you work rigorously and confidently to get there, the least success can be huge and remind you that perseverance is essential in all your goals.

8. It shows you that you feel comfortable in an uncomfortable environment. We feel overwhelmed at work and stack up as we feel in a Bikram course, where you are in an extended headstand, overwhelmed. Feeling uncomfortable is a fantastic ability that reminds you that you can assert yourself and that feeling passes away.


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