12 avoid bad dating habits

Dating is a process that some people love and detest others. You meet new people and take on some social habits – some good and some bad. Here are the worst dating habits you should know.

first Overly self-confident and too self-confident. It's natural to be nervous when it comes to dating; You are in a vulnerable position! But try to focus on the positive, not when you eat messy, when you think your arms look fat or when you drink mints. Relax, be yourself and do not worry about perfection.

second Sorry too much. Do not apologize for how you eat or what else! This shows low self-esteem and the inability to set limits. If you hit somebody hard or spill your drink, you can of course apologize, but choose!

third Set a plan for your greeting and finish the process, There is nothing more embarrassing than an unsuccessful pat merger of Handshake Hug-Back. Stay with one and be crucial to avoid awkwardness. If all goes well, a gentle hug is usually a good way to say goodbye.

4th Complain all the time or talk negatively about others. Instead of finding everything that's wrong in a situation, make some jokes or comments and do not pull it out. By doing so, your cloud of cynicism will swell your experience.

5th Too much in the room It seems like you are bored with your date or even looking for someone you find more attractive. Stay as much as possible at the moment.

6th Always go to your mobile, Even the most famous influencers have to part with the people around them from time to time. Do not let anyone feed your newsfeed – start an interesting conversation.

7th Do not just expect someone to pay the bill, This is 2019 and we are all the same. No room for obsolete and old-fashioned clichés about who pays. Always bid on Dutch, or if you are really a boss, pay for it yourself!

8th. Constantly talking about your ex, It's okay to raise it once or twice if it's organic, but watch out for the feelings of your date and do not be too dramatic talking about hating or hanging your ex.

9th Do you want to give up the dating or be very disappointed because you do not immediately have Disney chemistry with them. Let's face it – especially for the movies, and anyway, it's a wonderful way to meet new people, to get to know the world around us, not chemists.

10th Stay with someone who is emotionally unreachable ignore the nice guys that makes real effort. Seeing a therapist could be the solution to these hard-to-break dating habits. It's easy to get possessed by bad guys, but also to overlook what's right under our noses.

11th Only a few weeks or months too serious. Always slow it down and do not forget to get to know each other. You need to travel together, meet each other's friends and families, and go through the hard times to see if you're a good fit. Do not hurry!

12th Do not fall to into a "type", We all believe that we have them, but often we choose the same negative patterns of aggression, attachment or selfishness. The same applies to physical types. Attraction is an attraction, but when you step out of the box, you can come up with a new look to a situation.

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