12 ideas for the rainbow hair color to rock this spring

    Rainbow hair has essentially established itself in the last decade. It started out as something only alternative children were brave enough to do, and nowadays you can not shock people with multicolored hair. I think it's the best. You do not need a reason to go crazy with your hair color, and it's also nice to have colorful hair without being a huge statement or rebelling against anything. The rainbow hair, however, has exceeded his name. We do not mean rainbow colors when we talk about rainbow hair. It's like a combination of different bright or even pastel colors in a hairstyle. There are so many ways to make rainbow hair that you can definitely find one that works for you. The beauty of rainbow hair is that you can choose the colors that best match your skin tone, and it looks the same on all hair and textures. Let's take a look at 12 ideas for the rainbow hair color that will rock this spring.

    1. Rainbow pastels
    Having a full-blown rainbow could seem a little hard if you've never tried it before, but I think everyone will agree that this pastel-colored version of rainbow hair is just cool enough for beginners. It's cute and playful without being too much in your face.

    2. Oil Slick Rainbow
    Oil Slick is a variant of rainbow hair that is perfect for those who prefer blue and purple tones. As a bonus, this also applies to dark hair, so you do not even have to be blond. It's also a great choice for those who currently weigh silver hair but want to add some color.

    3. Hidden rainbow
    This is a perfect idea for rainbow hair if you do not always want to be in focus. This hidden rainbow allows you to make a statement when making a ponytail or half an updo, but you can be a norm on the days you lower your hair down.

    4. Cold-tinted pastels
    Maybe my favorite variant of rainbow hair is cold pastels. Blues and purple just look so magical and I think that's the best hairstyle for spring. Ok, you can also add a touch of pink. Do not you think that this hair will complement every single spring dress?


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