12 things you should never do at the beginning of a relationship

The relationship is so exciting in the beginning, right? Well, they can become more exciting over time, but there are certain things you should not do for this to happen. We're just not at the beginning of a relationship because we're opening up to the other person and we really want it to be each other. We want to be seen for what we really are and at the same time we want to present ourselves in the best light. It's a difficult balance, but one that you have to master if you want to be satisfied with the person you fell into. Here are 12 things you should never do at the beginning of a relationship.

Do not push him away
We really do not know where this silly advice comes from, but it is a sure way to end everything before it even starts. You see, boys can not tell the difference between a girl who's trying hard to play and a girl she just does not like. If anything, you should show interest!

Do not hide who you really are
We do not want to be straightforward and reveal all of your worst habits on a first date, but it's a must to be straightforward with a man you like, if you want to build a strong and happy relationship. Time will tell if it will take or not, but it is always good to know that he likes you personally and not some wrong picture of you.

Do not be pushy
Okay, we've found it's hard to play hard to get it a no-no, but being too boring at the beginning of the relationship is also bad. If you both like texting, do not write too much. Keep your secret alive and let your relationship unfold slowly. Get to know yourself at your natural pace. Nothing rashes and you will be rewarded with a deeper connection with the man you like.

Do not let the fears become the best of you
You have probably been in a relationship before and you may have been hurt by some guys. But that should not stand in the way of your new relationship! Do not let these fears make you anxious or cynical. Imagine this: your guy has also been with someone who has had both good and bad experiences, but he treats you with respect. Do the same! Learn as much as possible about him and then you will understand if this is your person or not.


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