12 training and fitness tips for the winter

    Training in the winter can feel like a blast. The days are getting shorter, it's cold and the weather can be pretty awful. Combine all this with a classic case of winter blues. All you really want to do is come home and curl up with a warm cup of tea or hot cocoa under a blanket. But you should not stop exercising because of the weather. If you train in the winter, you will feel much better and more energetic than sitting in front of the TV at home. And all you really need is about 30 minutes a day. Here are some winter training and fitness tips to help you stay out of the car and keep fit during the winter.

    1. Plan ahead
    First things first – you need to plan a workout. Plan it literally in your weekly or even daily routine. Do not wait until the inspiration strikes. It is not very likely that it will happen in the beginning. You just have to create a schedule for yourself and maintain your priorities.

    Get beautiful winter workout clothes
    If you like to walk outside in the warmer months, you do not need to take revenge just because it's winter. Get running shoes with good grip, a bright and cheerful thermo-training device and run.

    3. Forget old baggy clothes
    It's very appealing to wear your old, jaunty sweatpants and hoodie around the house, but do not do it. If you wear something like that, you will not want to exercise, you'll just lie on the sofa. Instead, go for the form fitting clothes. It motivates you to move.

    4. Training in the morning
    Since winter days are short, it is better to work out in the morning. When the sun is still standing and you have more energy. Let's face it, you will not be in the mood to train in the evening after work, when it's pitch black outside.


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