14 very simple looks that make your husband look twice

6. Oversized button down shirt
You know that you look good in a men's shirt, we all do. It's just something special to wear a button-down that's clearly too big and possibly made for men. In a strange way he makes us extremely feminine and hot. Wear one as a dress or garment, a double look is risky if it sees you.

7. Show your waist
Look, and it was not so bad to hear it, it was a nature given to you. Whether you have this classic hourglass figure or just a smaller waist, do not hide it – show it. Trace high-fitting shorts or jeans and a short top and the ready for the attention that gets.

8. Girly summer dress
No matter how tall, hard, edgy or demanding you are, sometimes wearing a super girly summery is the best decision ever. It is a must and it is a must for outfit to reduce a garment.

9. Leather
Leather jackets are cool and can be worn with just about anything. They wear jeans, ruffle tops oer wearing a great dress – that does not matter. On the other hand, if you want to improve it, one.

10. Red dress
Women opt for a little black dress to undermine expectations and choose a red one. It is much more attractive and they are guaranteed to be the center of attention.


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