14 very simple looks that make your husband look twice

11. Dr. Martens
Dr. Martens may not be part of the team, but the winner is guaranteed to have a team whose outfit gets more attention with more grunge. We find that juxtaposition of ruffle dress and dr. Martens works best.

12. Glitter
It's important that you do not exaggerate with glitter, or you'll look like a disco ball and the double glances you'll get. A garment or an accessory that glitters, and you should be fine.

13. A slightly transparent top
We do not say that the top should be completely transparent, just a bit. Leave most of it to his imagination. But a transparent detail or transparent sleeves are a good idea.

14. Sophisticated outfit
Man is a foreman with a torn jeans on the back, the stuff is everywhere. But if you wear a sophisticated dress and a blouse, you look different and chic.

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