14 Very Simple Looks That Make Your Man Make a Double Take

There is nothing more satisfying than getting a guy you like to look at twice because you look so good. Am I right, ladies, or am I right? Most of us think that in order to do that, we have to try on a whole range of outfits, spend hours perfecting our hair and make-up and choosing the coolest accessories, while people probably will not notice all the details , They are simple creatures, they see one after another, and today we'll give you a cheat list of 10 very simple looks that will make your man double it.

1. Red lip
It is really that easy. You could wear the most casual outfit in the world, but if you wear a red lip – he will notice and he will love it. There is only something about red lipstick that turns every look into a very sexy one.

2. Wild hair
Newsflash Ladies, if you have wild, messy hair and have no time or inclination to tame for hours – just do not worry. Men like the look of messy hair, they think it's sexy, and this bed-copy look is very appealing to them.

3. High pony
If you think that your hair is too unwieldy in its natural state and gets in your way – just have a high ponytail. It's hard to say why, but I love that look too. Maybe it's the fact that it shows your face and neck, or maybe it's the way it walks. Anyway, it's a slight look that will make him double-click.

4. White T-shirt
It's the easiest thing to get the most attention and the white T-shirt is such a classic. It will definitely make you stand out in a lot of dark or colorful clothes and it's so versatile. You can wear it in half a tuck with high-waisted jeans, or tied into a knot with a skirt. Anyway – he will notice you.

5. heels
Heels are naturally sexy, at least the men think. Whether you wear it with a chic evening dress or just a pair of jeans, it will make your outfit a lot hotter and your guy will definitely take care.


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