15 Best Indian Style Nail Designs That You Should Try Now

    If you feel that you have tried almost every nail design and pattern, we have good news for you – Indian style designs are on the way! Here are 15 of the best Indian style nail designs you should try now.

    A subtle shadow effect, accompanied by gold ornaments, makes your nails a real statement piece.

    The color of pastel nail fits very well with strong patterns that look almost careless. A simple trend for long nails.

    The beautiful symbolism of Hamsa makes it a perfect element that can be integrated into any nail design.

    You've probably seen henna hand designs, but what about henna nails? They look just as unique and elegant!

    The Indian culture is rich and beautiful. So why not use the different symbols for decoration? Chakras and Oms look spectacular no matter where you put them.


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