17 Winter make-up looks to inspire you


    We know that Christmas is over, but winter is far from over and we still have at least two months of this cold dark ahead of us. So why not beautify our days with some winter make-up? And what's a better place to be inspired by cool eyeshadow looks, if not Instagram? All real beauty bloggers live there. These whimsical and cute looks are perfect for special occasions, theme parties and you know what you're saying, they're perfect for any winter day when you need some encouragement. For even more looks follow Annalie instagram,

    1. balls
    Let's start with the obvious. Christmas decorations. Just because Christmas is over does not mean that we have hidden our Christmas trees. Or am I the only one who keeps it up until spring? And even if you have yours hidden, you can still use them as makeup. Why not?

    2. Reindeer
    This may not be Rudolph, the red reindeer, but add the red nose if you feel like it. Looks to us still quite wintry.

    3rd snowman
    Frosty the snowman on your cover and snowflakes all around? What is not to like I especially love the frosty blue eyebrows.

    4. Arctic Fox

    This is the cutest polar fox I've ever seen, and I can not imagine that this was an easy thing to put on the eyelid, but damn it's worth it.

    5. Red Robin
    Did your mother also tell you that these birds are spying on you for Santa? Because that also seems to be a common thing in my circles of friends.

    6. Fairy lights
    Everything is better with fairy lights, okay? Including make-up looks. And this bright pink is no exception.


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