23 Bartenders Reveal The Drink Stereotypes That Are 100% True

    When I had my first drink, I did not have much of a reference frame, but I knew that having a drink order says a lot about a person. So I chose wisely and only simulated the one I thought was cool when I was growing up. And Clint Eastwood never exists in any Western.

    So I ordered a whiskey. Neat. I did not enjoy it. I did not like the taste. But I stayed with every drink when I was out with my friends. I tried different types of whiskey and chose Jameson. Why? Image. It was all picture.

    Although I do not drink so much anymore when I do, I let my best friend either make my drink or at least decide what to rely on (he's a fantastic bartender) because I clearly have no idea what I do it. And he probably does that to me by making me look as if I'm a bit cultured in front of other bartenders. Because, as I have learned AskReddit Post, there are stereotypes associated with certain drinks, and they can become quite judgmental.

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