25 actually portable Valentine's Day ideas

    If you, like me, sew your nails every three weeks, you will probably try to get something interesting for the holidays or special occasions. But if you're an adult woman, or say so if you're over the age of 15, you probably want your nails to look cute for Valentine's Day, but not too cute. Here are 25 truly portable Valentine's Day nail ideas that we found online, and think that you should seriously consider these options.

    1. Here's a new idea, you do not have to paint hearts on your nails. This is a great option for those who want a soft nod on Valentine's Day, but do not want to commit themselves fully to the subject.

    2. A nice, nude, rosy option with tiny hearts. Cute!

    3. Some hearts, some stripes, Valentine's Day color scheme – it's a definite win.

    4. The super glam design for those who live the glam life. Sometimes we all wish we could turn away that look, and we urge you to try it.

    5. It's not just about hearts, sometimes just about kisses. A playful design that is not out of place even after Valentine's Day.

    6. Simple and minimalist design in cute colors of Valentine's Day.

    7. Who needs French tips if you can make creative heart tips?

    8. If your pinks and reds are your cup of tea, you'll definitely like this nail art design.

    9. A cute and creative nail design for those who love a bit of humor.


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