25 Awful Helicopter Parents Who Thought Their Kids Could Do No Wrong

    As a father of two, I am constantly worried about "spoiling" my children. I do not want to discipline my toddler when he is hanging on the wall or not listening to his mother, but sometimes I have to stop pretending to be a lion T-Rex and let him know that he needs to change his behavior.

    And although it is easy to develop cheaper co-parent shamer and get up on my high horse to talk about how much better my child behaves than you (some examples, it's true), some parents simply hate being the villain. Or worse, they are helicopter parents.

    When your kids start running around and destroying another person's house, throwing toys / food everywhere, bullying other little sweethearts who just want to have fun, and then pulling two-week-old baby hair while she sleeps. Maybe you want hers Butt sit and get dirty. Otherwise, you open someone who thinks there are no consequences for the garbage behavior.

    And how these teachers and caregivers from Reddit recently revealed Ask Reddit PostThere are tons of children who were terrible because of them Parents the bad decisions about education, Whether children ever have things done for themselves or think their children are the bees – knees – no matter what others say – these stories of child abuse are just sad.


    The back seat guitarist mother.


    Music teacher here. I had a heli-mom from one of my guitar students sitting on it during his first lesson. She sat shoulder to shoulder beside him. As I talked about different things, like how to hold the guitar and how to shape his hands and fingers around his neck, she would grab his hand and do it for him. Every single time. For everything. Time to play a few chords? Mama did that for him, too. Can not the fret hand be pressed so hard that the strings ring? She pressed his fingers for him. He screamed and then I stopped and told her she had to let him alone. All I got for it was a sharp look and a "good, then."

    He tried it alone and the string made only a dull noise and she said, "Look, he needs me to help him." I told her that he would only be able to give it a try, alone. He was the one who had to build up the strength. Then it did not go much further and I finished the lesson.

    With all that, I did not think they would stay for a second week, but they came back. The second lesson started right away and I politely told her that she had to give him space to try. Nevertheless, she was not enthusiastic, but gave in and got up angrily and went into the hall to watch from there. After she left that child, she took a deep breath and was visibly more relaxed. After she got off, he could have his own place and try it out for himself; he started to do better. It was great. At the end of the lesson, he said he could not wait to come back and his mother came in and grunted him with something like, "Why can not you do that if I help you? Do not you want my help? You need my help Not? "

    I could understand such things if he was a little kid, 7 or younger, but age is 14 years old. He will be a freshman in the fall.

    This poor child has become one of my best students. His mother is still hovering and he's still a super funny and socially awkward guy who lives in a soap bubble, but he's finally found something that makes him good regardless of his mother. It is really rewarding to see that he gains more and more self-confidence, even if it is slow, he will one day come there.



    May not have an opinion.


    An incredibly quiet student who just freaked out, refused to argue in class. She was an extremely nice girl, she just did not want to talk. I spoke to her during an interview with her mother and she told me that she had forbidden her daughter to voice her opinion and only listen to the teacher for fear she would disagree with her opinion and label her out of bias. I assured her that expressing an opinion would not sign out a student in my class and that developing is important to her learning, but she just said, "I'd rather not do it."



    Tighten the lighter of my child!


    During my studies I worked in a care center.

    One day, a 9-year-old showed everyone his lighter by trying to set the shirt he wore on fire. I obviously took the lighter away from him. When his mother came to pick him up, I gave it to her and told her about his attempt to light his shirt.

    It turned out to be her lighter, so I had "no right" to confiscate it, and her son just would not try to set his clothes on fire because "he's not an idiot," so I have to do.



    When a whole teaching staff and administration have it for their child.


    I taught middle school for 1 year. We had a student who was disturbing in all classes. He refused to do the work or even to do it. He was always causing trouble.

    We had each tried different strategies to deal with the behavior in our time. We had both talked to parents several times, but they did not even think the student was doing anything inappropriate. Nobody succeeded.

    Eventually, one of the teachers had enough and suggested that we have a meeting between all the student's teachers, the counselor, the deputy headmaster, the student, and his parents.

    There are 6 teachers and the vice rector and the counselor all say the same basic version of, students must pay attention, must do the work, must stop distracting other students, must be respectful, etc.

    The mother does not believe us; It is not the fault of the student. We all have it for the student.

    Nothing has changed.

    Teaching sucks.



    This mother, who was WEINTE on her child, cried for her as she set him down and left.


    1st grade – My 2nd or 3rd year, I had a child whose mother was my first legitimate, extreme helicopter mother. She would accompany him every morning in the classroom and give him his backpack and folder and then sit at his table with him and he would cry and cry that she would not go. The scream is normal at the beginning of the year, but at this age they do not cry very long once the parent has left. After about 5 minutes he would be fine. But she would need 20 minutes to go because she "did not want to leave him like this". I've asked her a few times to finish his own things, but I was young and this kid was a surprise kid and the parents were older. She did not fly me what I would say. At that time, I started rationalizing with the child. Much easier. "Do you see all your friends putting away their own backpacks and folders every day, you're a big kid too, you do not need Mom to do that for you, right?" Worked like a charm.

    After the second week, I started physically blocking her at the classroom door and said that they had to say goodbye and go to the room by themselves. The first time this happened, he grabbed his backpack and said, "I can do it, I'm a big boy." You. Was. Pissed off.

    One morning in the 3rd or 4th week I had a meeting and it was not over before the school started. The person who covered my class did not know she was supposed to block her and she let the crazy mother in. When I came back, the boy cried his eyes, chased his mother through the classroom and she smiled and giggled at his fit, which she caused.

    Around December, Mama had told the boy that he would be home schooled and would not go back to our school. When she dropped him off the next day, he cried and wept and we could not comfort the poor child. She left him at the door and smiled at me for being so excited when she left. After a few hours, he finally calmed down to explain the problem to us. "My mother said I would go to school at home and I would not have to come today, but she lied."

    She told him that she would go home so he cried when she left him in public school. WTF ?!

    He had a friend in the class. Super cute boy who would play with everyone. The crazy mother child would beat other kids when they step on the swing next to his friend. Nobody else was allowed to swing next to him. Crazy Mother called me and asked if I could just let her play in there so that her child could have him all alone. No. No option.

    Cut to April and we had a zoo trip. Our whole class had our lunch in a cooler that was in the bus at the zoo … except his and his mother's. She insisted she wear hers, and she does not want her in the cooler. Anyway. We had a meeting time and a meeting place for lunch because the parents took chaperones with small groups of children. We did not stay in a big group. I had to wait about 10 minutes for a very nice dad to get the fridge with lunch. Perfect. Wait for the stragglers and let the kids use the bathroom and wash their hands while they wait. During this time, the boy comes to me and asks if I have a knife to peel his apple. Yes, I always bring a knife to the zoo. "No, the kind of knife you need to peel an apple is not allowed in the zoo, just eat with the shell, you'll be fine." He goes away. Lunch comes to us and I make sure everyone has something to eat and settle. Come to the crazy mother who peels her kid's apple with her car key. What?! When she saw me go up, she said, "It's better to eat the bowl separately, it's healthier," with that smile. I say, "I hope you have cleaned the key before starting treatment, otherwise it will not be healthy at all." Then I returned the same smile. At this point she hands the apple to the child and he says he does not want it. She was stunned. "Why not? I just spent 20 minutes peeling it off for you!" He said, "That's disgusting, you used a car key," and went away to play with his friends.

    There are more stories about this parent from other teachers than he went through the school. She once sneaked into school to get a picture of him when he did his first standardized test. That was / were literally against the law in Texas (photos during the state exam) and they had to contact the test officers and fill out tons of paperwork and our school had to postpone the test dates just because Crazy Mom wanted a picture of their baby took his first test for his scrapbook.

    That should not take that long, I'm sorry. This mother is still puking me when I think about her and how she is making her child's life.

    – Crazy Mom wanted her child to cry every day when she leaves him at school and if she does not cry anymore, she would lie to him and make him cry that she is not leaving. She has also stopped a whole school and postponed a state-standardized test because she wanted a picture of her baby for a scrapbook.



    The stolen earring.


    Less helicopter parents, more "my child is innocent" and a scam. My mother was (temporarily) released from her underprivileged school until this case was settled. A nursery had just had their ears pierced and she took the earrings out in class because they hurt. The teacher sent her to the health secretary (my mother) and the little girl lost an earring somewhere on the way. Cleaned her ears and sent her back to class. Mother of the child sued my mother and filed a case with the school because I think the earrings were made of solid gold and diamonds. I guess that's what pierced Claire looks real. I tried to accuse my mother of stealing the earring, no chance of a six-year-old losing a tiny object. Of course, the woman did not win in this situation and my mother went back to work, but it was a bunch of nonsense that accused the school's teachers and staff for a lost earring and an injured earlobe.



    Threatening blow.


    I had a boy who was acting in the class; Talking things like classmates while I gave instructions, gave strange answers, met the boys sitting next to him, and grabbed a boy's p-nis during class. I took notes and informed our academy director about what was going on, and he was dragged aside a few times after school to talk about his behavior.

    One day, at the end of class, he reached across the table and vigorously flicked a girl's forehead. She complained and he put his arm back as if he was beating her in response. I let him sit while I let everyone else go and told him to stay seated while discussing his behavior with the academy director. (If nothing else, it would be a kind of punishment to be the last to leave).

    The director spit on him and apparently told his mother about it because his mother came to the academy to say that her son is an angel and I should be reprimanded for exaggeration or lies. Get out the director's list of all the crap her son had done in the last few weeks and tell her that her son was no longer welcome in the academy. I never saw him again.



    This mother, who has chosen her child wedge for him.


    My mother owned a daycare, and I worked there when I was away from school. There were some very unique kids and some crazy parents. The one who came to mind had a 6-year-old son. This kid was an incredible brother, but once you met his parents, you understood why. He had just gone to school and came home excited because the kids made fun of him because he had his pacifier with him and used it all day.

    So his mother decided to wait with him at the school bus stop and pick him up from there. One day they were waiting and he said he had a wedgie. Right there at the bus stop, in front of all the kids in his class and the border guards, his mother picked him for him. He put his hand in his pants and took care of him.

    She would not even let him handle his own wedgie.

    Needless to say, that did not help with his teasing.



    The secret admission clock.


    I had a third grade student whose mother felt that I preferred other students to her son. She would call me and shout that I would not treat him fairly and lie. She crept past the office a couple of times to get into the classroom and watch my class (which is illegal, of course, and I would have to call the office). She would tell me and the headmaster that she wanted to catch me in the act [of being dishonest], "(Of course, my director has always defended me and dealt with the parent).

    As a last straw, the mother bought a watch with a dictaphone and the boy carried her to school. He suddenly roared in the middle of the hour: "I'll take you secretly and you will not teach me here much longer!" (An eight-year-old!) Of course, the clock was confiscated and the child was drawn into another classroom, though the school district might have legally transferred him to another [school], But the mother still did not give in and the next teacher had similar problems.



    The 23-year-old child.


    Defense lawyer here. I talked to my 23-year-old customer in the hallway in court. His mother came up to me and said emphatically, "He's a kid, do you understand me? A CHILD!" Because she was upset that she was in trouble with the law.



    Snort Xanax.


    I was not a teacher, but I had a short time as a cheerleading coach. Kid gives an attitude to do literally everything. Will not follow any instruction and either saut me or sit on her phone. In addition, the child skips the training to snort Xanax and place it on her Snapchat. OK. I told her that if she was not interested in sitting on the ranks on Friday night. Kid goes to the bathroom and calls the mother (it's not like I could take her phones away – try to respond to DAS with her parents). Mother drives from work for 30 minutes to scream for almost an hour. Apparently it's my fault. Your child is the best in the team and I clearly aim for it. She says I've destroyed her self-confidence and am jealous of her talent. She can do what she wants when she's the best in the squad. Oookay lady. I stopped coaching after this year.



    The plagiarist.


    While I was a student teacher, I had a student and my mother was the art teacher. The student was a straight-up douche. He would cheat on any assignment, belittle classmates, etc. Each time the student got into trouble or cried, he ran to his mother (the art teacher) and she would fight for him. All the teachers in the schools were afraid of her since she was in the district for a long time and did no wrong of the administration.

    The student ended up plagiarizing an essay in the classroom. I gave the student the zero point (as stated in the order form, that all plagiarism would be an automatic zero) and hell broke loose. Meetings with the Headmaster were arranged, Mother came in during my plan period and ripped my ass because she had not had her child hit, and the student came crying to the classroom crying. The essay was a big part of the grade and would mean that he would fail the class. After about two weeks in which the mother came in, I finally told her that she would write me a new essay at the end of the week to get 50% of it (she would put her grade on a "D" if she did got a 100%).

    The student comes to class on Friday and gives me his essay. After the quick scan of the essay it just seemed off. After a short Google search, the student took the entire Wikipedia page and copied it for his essay. After school, I went into the room to talk to my mother. I still remember the conversation as if it were yesterday.

    Me: M ***** has made his essay great! Mom: Great! He was locked up in his room all week, working on it. Me: When I looked at his newspaper, I noticed that there was a weird track. Mom: What do you mean? Me: This section has a superscript number and I do not see where it quoted. Mom: That's weird, I'll ask him about it. I (pulls the printed Wikipedia page over its topic, which is word for word): Here is the Wikipedia page about its topic, if you want to look. Mom (scans her face ghostly white): Will he make it? I (with an expression of disbelief on my face): Hell no!

    The student was eventually suspended and Mom tried to fight the suspension. She even went so far as to examine the legitimacy of the grade as a student teacher taught the course. All in all, the mother is no longer a teacher in the district and the child is in jail for drug sales. The rest of the staff loved me for joining her and her son.



    This two-for-one.


    Okay, two great stories …

    Passed in 2006. A parent who volunteered in the classroom of their child just to film the child all day. She threatened to sue if we did not allow her. She has made it all elemental. It ended in middle school when they said no to her. She stood outside the fence and video filmed him at PE. Someone saw this and called the police. She moved her child and married him.

    I went to high school with a brother and a sister. The son was socially embarrassing, tall and a bit round. He was only a year high school, but his mother was present at every band function. She even tried to get to each exercise, even to those from 9am to 9pm. But then she decided that her 7th grade daughter would skip 8th grade so she could go to high school early. Now she had two children, she was always at school and even had lunch with them, it was so sad. The children were unhappy. Then she let her daughter skip the eleventh grade and appealed to the school board. Imminent legal action if they restrain their child from their "fate". Now she has both children in the same class, they graduate together. Mama enrolls her together in the community school, in the same classes … with her. So she's going to class with them now. Although she never teaches, she wants to be with them so the professors know she's watching. Since she is a student, there is no reason to have her removed. The children are getting ready to move to the local university. They're done with mom, she's trying to sit in classes, but that's a big NO from day one. They differ in interests so they get their own majors. Then they are crazy with classes and appeal to Admin to take a huge amount of credits. They are in school all day, every day they can. How I met them again was funny. I worked on campus and closed the library one night. I found her sleeping in her old station wagon in the parking lot for the night. I offered to let her stay with me. They came to my house and told the story. Last time I heard the daughter out and went to the medical area.



    The mother who wanted to banish scary stories from the summer camp.


    Work on a summer camp and we told scary stories. One of the boys in the camp was unable to sleep all week because of some stories, so his mother demanded that the scary stories be banned or she would basically verbalize our programs. The next Monday, the boy complained to me that we could not tell any creepy stories anymore and was upset about that … say that to your f – king mother …



    The mother having a problem socializing children.


    Before sleep began, we held freshman activities (frosh week for Canadians reading this). Nothing educational, but always funny.

    He had a disciple who came to her mother and she asked everything she did and how she would identify with her son's study.

    It did not do it. We were very clear that it was about building relationships and having a bit of fun before studying. It was also a chance to meet older students and get a sense of life together.

    She had none of it. She wanted to talk to the department head and file an official complaint about these activities. Obviously, fun was not part of an education.

    On the second day she came back and said triumphantly that the dean came to talk to us. The dean came in, chatted us encouragingly, and said how much he enjoyed this season, chugged a beer and told us to accompany him later to the local pub.

    She was speechless and left her son by the hand, offended.

    There was nothing for the rest of the week.

    Mean Elevator


    Reschedule the future of a child.


    In kindergarten we have two tests a year, once in winter and again in spring. The parents convened a conference because their daughter received 2 percent less than the cut-off, which indicated that their child up to the third grade might need extra help to reach reading goals. Now I consider her a helicopter parent. These test results can be confusing, and I could see why she could have been worried if she had not really understood her way of working. But I and my mentor spent about 45 minutes comforting her daughter and she was not worried about her progress at all. We told her that she interacts well with her peers, feels confident and reads well, and that these tests are not a good way to show understanding, especially for a five-year-old. The mother revealed that she does her daughter's homework every night for over thirty minutes and does not even let her go downstairs without reciting all her weekly words. Other stuff too, but basically the mother has put undue pressure on this 5-year-old girl. How to plan a college and think ahead for years.

    Relax, your child is five. If we have any concerns, trust me, you would know. Do not burn your child so early in their education.



    The parents, who simply could not take their child, needed help.


    To the post office, but I'm a high school counselor. Last year, I had this student who was a total sweetheart, but really needed an intervention. This girl was a sophomore and had a total of 20 credits in graduation under her belt. She would have had 90 points at the time and would have been on the right track to fail 25 more this spring. She failed miserably. Not only that, but she would constantly stop teaching and often end up in my office because there was no other place to go. The school has only one way in or out. I did everything in my power to help this girl and finally did a parenting session with myself, teachers, school psychologists and school administrators. I explained in great detail to her parents that at that time she was impossible mathematically impossible to complete high school … as she failed classes. I offered a continuing education school that has a much higher graduation rate for students in their situation. I really wanted her to be tested for special education because she obviously had shortcomings and could have been given legal shelter to help her. Parents said no to everything. No to the further education school, because there went the "bad" children. No to test because special and had a "bad stigma". No to tutoring [because] "She is able to do all this work." No, to work with school psychology to solve their emotional problems. No to everything. I had never felt so beaten and then knew that I could not save every child, no matter how much I wanted it.



    "You are a woman, he does not have to respect you."


    I had a student who had quite failed, he had a pretty bad attitude and was extremely disrespectful. When I called my father, the answer was, "You are a woman, he does not need to respect you." I handed the phone over to a mentor teacher, quite baffled, explaining the situation. The male teacher continued to dig up the father and then the child was transferred from my class to his class. The child still failed and was still disrespectful …. I'm not sure what the father had to say, but at least he could not blame me for being a woman.



    This parent who is afraid of brushing.


    I'm a nanny on the Upper East Side of New York, and while my boss is a good non-helicopter dad, I routinely play games with other kids. I have a 4, 8 and 13 years old, so I have seen everything. My two favorites though:

    A mother of a friend of my friend called my boss angrily and insisted that he would fire me because I let her child play with sidewalk paint. She was crazy that I used a brush for her seven-year-old instead of making the drawing for him after telling me what he wanted. He could have stuck his eye out with a paintbrush, and that was irresponsible.

    The saddest part was that the little boy told me before he left, how funny it was that we made the colors ourselves and then used them.

    My 13-year-old had an overnight stay and I got a four-page list of things a girl could not do or eat. When I asked her about her, she told me that she was allergic to hazelnuts only and everything on the list was there because her mother did not want her to become fat. I had them eat with the girls, and I took them to our bodega, which is legitimately less than 250 yards away (it's the lowest level of a dwelling house on our corner and we're not even in the middle of the block) and got sweets and soda to watch movies at 10 after they asked me to, and her mother informed my boss two days later that she was not allowed to be friends with her daughter. It was my fault, because it was irresponsible for me to take four girls Nightfall with a chaperone left the house.

    I also have a great deal about my four-year-old team hockey mom, who threatened to call CPS for me to get my boss's attention, but that's less helicopter education and miserable.



    "I am not a bad parent, my child must be handicapped."


    It's a bit different than the others, but it came to my mind: I met a 5-year-old whose very eccentric and wealthy mother came to us before she told us that she had some development and social issues and needed one little more attention and help to understand things (note that many children have not yet officially been tested for anything at this age). Er kommt herein und wir finden nach einer oder zwei Wochen heraus, dass er absolut hundertprozentig entwicklungsfähig ist, er hat sich nur HORRIBLY benommen und wurde in seinem ganzen Leben nie diszipliniert. Er war ein NIGHTMARE, der unhöflich, berechtigt und brabbelig war, aber er war vollkommen schlau, und sobald wir mit ihm darüber gesprochen hatten, welches Verhalten von ihm erwartet wurde, konnte er es leicht schaffen. Sie war eine faule Eltern, die, anstatt zuzugeben, dass sie ein Bruder war, es zu Behinderungen erklärte. Um es zusammenzufassen: "Es gibt keine Möglichkeit, dass mein Kind falsch liegen kann, etwas muss mit ihm falsch sein."



    Dieser feine junge Mann, der Mädchen im Sportunterricht schlug.


    In einem zweiten Jahr an der High School hatten wir einen Klassenkameraden, der indischer Abstammung war und es war bemerkenswert in seiner etwas akzentuierten Stimme, während er manchmal spielte und er klang wie ein Cartoon Raj.

    Wie auch immer, er war ein Unruhestifter und berüchtigt dafür, keine weiblichen Figuren zu hören und schlug sogar eine Klassenkameradin während des Sportunterrichts.

    Er hatte auch eine Schwester in demselben Jahr in Klassen wie er, wer war nüchterner und schlauer; hol dir das, er war um 3 Jahre älter!

    Jedes Mal, wenn er Ärger mit einer Lehrerin bekommt, nimmt er sein Telefon, ruft seinen Vater an und gibt das Telefon dem Lehrer, der anfängt zu schreien, wir könnten es alle hören.

    Das hat alle wütend gemacht, weil es unsere Unterrichtszeit und den Stress von Prüfungen, die kommen würden, reduzieren würde. Eines Tages kamen seine Eltern herein und hatten ein Geschrei mit dem Schulleiter, wir konnten es von der Klasse neben ihrem Büro hören.

    Es stellte sich heraus, dass einige Schüler dem Jungen nach Hause folgten und ihn verprügelten und sogar seine Hosen nahmen. Niemand wusste, wer es war, und das Kind spielte den Vorfall immer, während er gegen einen Haufen Gangbanger kämpfte.

    Alles, was ich jetzt weiß, ist, dass er entweder deportiert wurde oder nach Indien zurückkehrte, da er Vorstrafen hatte und keine grundlegenden Lebenskompetenzen haben konnte.

    Seine Schwester geht es aber gut.



    Ein anderes kluges Kind wird von einem getäuschten Elternteil ruiniert.


    Lehrer hier. Wir hatten einen Schüler der fünften Klasse, der zuerst ziemlich hinterhältig war. Er handelte unschuldig, aber er war weit davon entfernt. Ich werde zum Ende springen. Er trat auf jemanden, wenn sie während der freien Lesezeit lagen. Er redete ständig und verhinderte, dass die Klasse pünktlich zum Mittagessen und Specials kam, und tat dies nur, um Ärger zu verursachen. Er schlug jemanden mit einem Meterstab. Er würde "versehentlich" Leute treten. Er hat Sachen gestohlen. Er fluchte. Mom kam heraus und sagte, wir würden ihn auseinandernehmen und er würde diese Dinge nie tun und sagte uns, wir sollten aufhören sie zu kontaktieren. Später machte er etwas anderes, etwas wie das Zerreißen von Klassenzimmerdekorationen oder etwas in der Art, und der Schulleiter sah es. Direktor rief Mama an. Anstatt zu akzeptieren, dass ihr Kind etwas falsch macht, zog sie ihn aus der Schule. Da er seinen Job nicht gemacht hatte, hatte dieser Junge, der wirklich schlau war, alle Fs als Transfergrade.



    Crackheads und Evolution.


    Ich werde zwei Beispiele geben. Ein Vorort, eine Innenstadt.

    Vorstadt: Kid fragte, woher die Hunde kämen. Nicht sicher warum, ich war ein Englischlehrer. Ich sagte, dass sie von Wölfen gezüchtet wurden, und gab zwei allgemeine Erklärungen, wie die menschliche Interaktion begonnen haben könnte. Mom rief die Schule an und rief mich an. In eine ganze Sache verwandelt.

    Inner city: Teen sucker-punched some poor girl, then punched me in the face when I broke them up. Ended up getting escorted off by campus cop. Dad, who was obviously a crackhead, showed up to the school and started threatening to kick everyone's a–.



    This kid who humps his mom's leg.


    One-on-one aide for a student in public school. Kid has Downs so he's a preteen but obviously is at a lower level with schoolwork and has socialization issues. Unfortunately, kid also has hit puberty hard and has major anger issues in addition to acting sexually frustrated a lot.

    He's tried to grab males and females in a sexual nature, has gotten violent with multiple students, and has physically grabbed me (female) on more than one occasion. When he's told "no" or that it's inappropriate to react that way, he either throws something or screams in your face. Oh and he's tried to masturbate in multiple classes, which resulted in him having to leave one classroom because the other students, who were not special education students, were understandably uncomfortable with his actions.

    Mom insists he is not aware of his actions, that she's "talked with him" and he won't do it again. This is what she says after every incident, without fail it continues. The violence alone could get him suspended as he has shown that he's cognitively aware of his actions & the consequences but parents are "high-profile" persons in the community. Also, I've watched the kid grab his mom's breasts and hump her leg & she just waves it away with "oh he's just a little excited," you know, like one does with a dog . , ,



    This mom who hates foster kids for some reason.


    Had a pretty typical red/yellow/green behavior chart. One child was just transferred to me, not a completely terrible kid but had a habit of not knowing where the line was, so it got him in trouble from time to time. Every time I flipped his card to a yellow or red would always let the parent know what happened and what we’re going to do to stop the behavior in future. She then goes off on how it’s the other little kid causing the problems and her child is perfect. I let her know that while there isn’t a perfect person in the scenario, both kids could have acted in a different way. She then stated and I’m not kidding “I know that the other kid is a dirty foster child (still to this day don’t know how she learned this) and he assaulted my child! (Foster child pushed back after getting hit by her child)” SHE DID THIS IN FRONT OF THE OTHER CHILD! I told her to meet me in the office. Had a meeting with the director and she was no longer allowed in my classroom. However, had to take down my behavior chart which kinda blew because of how well it was working.



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