5 amazing uses for witch hazel you never thought of

Witch hazel is a herbal remedy known for its skin care. However, this amazing product is good for more than just reducing acne and shrinking the size of the pores! Here are five handy applications for witch hazel that will ask you how you ever lived without it.

Treat painful sunburns

Because of its incredible anti-inflammatory properties, witch hazel is a great solution for the treatment of sunburn. Simply apply Hamamelis topically to the area of ​​the burn. As sunburn disappears, continue to use witch hazel. This is important as witch hazel can prevent the skin from flaking and peeling when the burn stops.

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Soothe irritating effects

We were all there. Whether you are shaving your face or your legs, notches and cuts tend to happen. That's where Hamamelis comes in. Apply witch hazel to the area immediately after shaving. The herbal remedy will calm the area of ​​the incision and at the same time prevent the burner.


Relieve annoying wind rashes

Call all mothers! Hamamelis is a perfect, inexpensive solution for your baby's diaper rash. Simply apply a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel around the affected area. The Hamamelis not only provides a short-term relief of your baby's skin, but also accelerates the healing process of the skin.

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Lighten Pesky Stretch Marks

Mothers, are you still reading? Witch hazel can also be used to reduce the appearance of ugly stretch marks. Apply the fluid on the stomach, chest, arms, legs or anywhere with irritating stretch marks. Over time, the witch hazel will lighten the darkness of the stretch marks while smoothing the skin tone.


Quiet annoying bug bites

Yes, witch hazel can even be used to treat itching error Stitches. If you have developed a mosquito or other annoying beetle, just put witch hazel directly on the bite. the Witch Hazel Relieves itchy or burning effects while reducing inflammation. What can not Hamamelis do?

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