5 best and 5 worst foods for healthy skin


    In general, people know that too many processed foods are not good and that things like brown rice and salad are healthy supplements. But in between there is a lot of gray area, and not only bad health decisions affect the waist, but also on your skin. Stay radiant and ageless with these top options to enhance your radiance and those who step on the curb.

    olive oil Its anti-aging benefits are undeniable: 75 percent of fats are mono-saturated fatty acids as well as antioxidant polyphenols that kill harmful free radicals.

    White bread This is the definition of refined carbohydrates and the reason why your skin does not go so well. High glycemic index foods provide a sugar boost and promote inflammation. Instead, opt for wholemeal bread or multigrain options.

    Avocado. These guys are full of healthy fats that support many functions in your body, including moisturizing and springy skin. It contains compounds that protect against skin damage and provide vitamin E and vitamin C, which the skin needs to form collagen.

    Dessert. These extra ice cream and cup cakes, which you put away, not only affect your stomach, they have a direct effect on your skin and prevent you from getting that natural glow. Instead, try antioxidant-laden honey.


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