5 incredible animals that saved their owners from danger

Anyone who has ever had a pet knows the strong bond he can forge with us. No matter how sweet they are at home, their protective instincts always come when the danger is in danger. This is exactly what happened when the lives of these owners were threatened. Their furry, fluffy and feathered friends came in to save the day.

Polly caught a bad guy

Rachel Mancino took away her favorite bird, Wunsy, when she was attacked by a man. The bird shrieked and flapped its wings at the attacker until it ran away. The woman and the bird were both intact. While this pet kept its owner safe nearby, some pets are willing to go the distance for their humans.

National Images / Hannah McKay

Fearless Fido to the rescue

When three-year-old Katrina lost herself in the Siberian wilderness, her dog was very upset. He searched the forest for her and spent a week at her side when she was found. If this story proves something, then the bonds that pets make with children are very strong. This next reckless protector only contributes to the evidence.

Sacha Republic rescue service


This rescue was actually recorded on the family's security camera. A soft yellow cat defended his 4-year-old owner against an unprovoked dog attack. I think this kitten gets sick of all those who say dogs drive cats out. And she is not the only one who turns the tables.

Jeremy Triantafilo

Is not nothin ', but a dog … cat

When Schnautzie was just a kitten, she could discover a gas leak and wake her owners. If she had not been so smart, they could all have died. You could even say that she had the nose of a hunting dog. Of course, she is not the most unique animal that has ever protected her owner.

Ryan Hall / Today

Super squirrel

On a Monday in Idaho, a burglar got a crazy surprise when he broke into Adam Pearl's house. Adams Pet squirrel, Joey, was waiting for an attack. He began to scratch the intruder and did not stop until he left. shelves later caught the attacker. The man says Joey would not leave him alone.

Adam Pearl


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