5 ways in which Marie Kondo can make your life a little more enjoyable

Thanks to a hot new Netflix series, Marie Kondo's niche author and organizational guru became a viral sensation. Households around the world decided to save their lives after a single binge-watching session, and with good reason. Marie's tips taught people that they do not have to live in chaos because there is a way out of the mess.

Awaken the joy

"Did it awaken pleasure?" This was Marie Kondo's wartime call long before her Netflix special, but it also played a crucial role in her show. The spectators had the task of asking the question, whether all objects clogged their houses. Judging by the results, the sentence was particularly helpful in hard-to-discard possessions such as nostalgic jewelry and personal belongings.

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Eliminate visual information

At first glance, it does not seem as if decanting hand soap and dish soap into different, nicer containers would be pointless. Marie Kondo's philosophy of putting your life in order is based on the idea of ​​eliminating visual noise. Colorful brand names and product logos screaming from the shelves disrupted peace and order.

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Get up

One of the most helpful tips from Marie Kondo was that the clothes were neatly folded and then put in the drawers. In comparison, Marie's method took much less space. This also eliminated the need to search for stacks, especially for something, as each item was visible and was not hidden by another shirt or pants.

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Put the car in front of the horse

Marie Kondo advised the audience of her show and the readers of her book to refrain from buying storage containers before they start riddling and tidying up. She advised people to wait to see how many containers they needed and which ones. Otherwise, they just brought more clutter into the house and satisfied themselves with the idea that they were Makes organize themselves Sometime,

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Unload memory

Marie was not a big fan of storage containers because they did not deal with the container root problem, Objects that do not give pleasure did not have to be in the storage, They had to do it naked, Point. So people stayed with a jumble of containers containing things they did not need or use.

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