5 wild things that you will only see in Japan

Japan is a country of unique traditions, fashion, food and much more. Their culture is full of creativity and innovation. However, there are some sights and inventions that will totally unbalance you. Be sure to look for these five culturally unique things on your next visit.

Blue means go

In most countries there are traffic lights with red, yellow and green colors. Japan has red and yellow lights to warn, stop and slow the drivers. However, the country's go-lights are turquoise or aqua colors or just blue. It was a government decision based on the old Japanese language, but the officials promise that the lights are still technically green with blues.

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Fancy bathroom trip

Another unique thing of Japanese culture is the bathroom. Instead of your basic toilet bowl and sink, Japan seems to make your way to the bathroom as comfortable as possible! It is common for stands to make sounds to block unusual sounds, spray perfumes, and automatically increase seats. Some even have built-in bidets.

Tritan plumbing

Sale for every occasion

Japan has vending machines throughout the country. But the machines have much more than just plain junk food. They have everything from eggs and vegetables to household items like batteries and umbrellas. There are even hamburger machines that are perfect for a quick, late night.

Tokyo Excess

Auction of tuna

The largest tuna in the world comes from the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. However, to receive the tuna, buyers must bid at daily auctions. Anyone can access the tuna auction for free, but the number of seats is limited and will be allocated subject to availability.

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Give me a break

In America, citizens may have seen Kit Kats with different flavors White chocolate or strawberry. However, they are not comparable to the unique tastes of Kit Kats Japan, Imagine you break off a piece of Kit Kat bar that tastes like wasabi, sake, or purple sweet potato. Yes, they are just Japanese and they are very popular there as well.

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