6 Habits That Prevent You from Losing Weight, Even on the Best Diet

Everyone says abdominal muscles are made in the kitchen, and while that's true, there are other things that affect your weight loss. Yes, healthy eating is a surefire way to get on the right track and lose some fat, but you must also remember that while one good diet is about 90% of your success, the other 10% is also important. And we're not even talking about weightlifting or high-intensity interval training. There are certain lifestyle things that you just do not pay attention to, that stand in the way of becoming your best self. Let us talk about it.

1. Do not get enough sleep
You can sleep an average of 8 hours a person normally needs to function properly, but if the quality of your sleep is not good, it does not matter how many hours you spend in bed. Your body feels stressed, if you do not get a good rest and instead of losing weight, it will accumulate to protect itself. So, consider changing your routine, finding ways to relax before going to sleep, or getting into melatonin sleep supplements.

2. Sleep in a very warm room
We all know that our bodies are able to burn fat even while we sleep, but the perfect room temperature is 17C or 63F. If you are used to sleeping in a room that is warmer, or wearing warm pajamas and then covering yourself with a warm blanket, then you are preventing your body from doing so. However, do not reduce the thermostat immediately, as this will only give you sleep problems. Instead, try gradually lowering the temperature one degree.


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