6 reasons forever is better than married

There is too much pressure to marry these days, and the older you get, the more you hear about it and the more you feel it. Our society is obsessed with marriage. It is presented to us as the ultimate goal of life. You may or may not have a very successful career, you may choose to have children or not, but everyone expects you to eventually settle down with someone and get married. Somehow, marriage is portrayed as it is for every dream and every goal, ending everything for every single problem you have. But I'm here to tell you that's not the case. Here are 6 good reasons for getting much better than getting married.

1. You do not have to prioritize your partner to your friends
When you make an appointment, it's fine to go out with your friends, spontaneously travel to Spain with your girlfriends and go to a birthday party on your own. But when you're married, it's suddenly frowned upon. Wherever you go, you're expected to show up with your partner or not at all, people are always inviting you both, and if you show up alone, it's because there's a serious reason like "my partner could not make it because it's been sick all week. "The next time your friends go on a fun trip or throw a party, you have to choose to either come with your partner and ruin the fun for everyone or just not experience big FOMO as you scroll through social media.

2 .Breakups are a lot easier
Breakups are not really easy, but they are definitely easier than divorce. The breakup will hurt a little, you'll cry, drink some ice cream and too much wine, and then you'll go on. Divorces are a completely different animal. Not only is the process painful, emotionally and mentally distressing, but it also becomes uncomfortable with all these legal and financial issues, and it can take up to a year and at the end you still have a godless label of having been divorced. Life is not the same after that.


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