6 tips on how to avoid a bad date at an early stage

We were all there when you meet for a date and immediately realize that it was a mistake. Nobody likes to dress up and expect a great connection to end up with someone who is absolutely bad for you. And there's nothing worse than a date like this, which lasts for hours on torture for agony. It can also be worse if your date determines that you are not enjoying yourself. The next course of action is to devise a plan to get out quickly with as little emotional collateral damage as possible. If you have made this mistake by letting a bad date run too long – or you are currently planning this escape plan, here are 6 tips on how to avoid a bad date at an early stage.

Text to a friend who is called with an "emergency"
This is an oldie, but a candy, and can be a quick and easy way to escape. Have a good time with their text to save you in an emergency that you can only help when leaving.

There is an app for that!
If no one answers your fake emergency plea, you can download the Bad Date Rescue app. It will call you with a programmed and timed emergency to give you the perfect reason for a crash.


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