6 ways to thank your guests at your wedding

In the minds of many people around the world, the ultimate act of love is to commit to your partner through marriage. As wonderful as it is to have your partner at the altar having your friends, family, and relatives at the ceremony, it makes the day all the sweeter. There is no better way to appreciate the presence of your loved ones on your special day by giving them thoughtful thanks. Take a look at these 6 memorable ways to say thank you to your wedding guests.

Traditional thank you notes
As this process is far less popular than the convenient e-mail and SMS message, handwritten traditional thank you notes with a personalized message sent through the e-mail is a useful way to say thank you at every opportunity. Mention the names of your guests and personalized gifts in the note to truly delight your loved ones.

Welcome gifts
Giving greetings before the ceremony starts can be a great way to start the day with good humor and appreciation for your guests. These include home-made bubbles, sea salt shakers, sweet treats or fans. Toiletries welcome bags are also great for out-of-town guests if they are staying overnight for your ceremony. A small gift before the event can help keep your guests in a good mood during the festivities.

Thank you, videos
With the ability to literally share everything in social media with your online friends or followers, creating a personalized, funny video is a great way to quickly reach all of your wedding attendees. They make videos for different groups of friends, families or for the whole group. Online likes and comments make everyone feel uplifted, nostalgic, and comradely for a long time after the ceremony.

Photocell with printable food stalls
Creating a custom photo booth is a great way to add excitement to your wedding day and can be used as a memorable thank you. Chalk boards, wedding props, oversized frames, and crazy hats are just a few things to fill up your photo booth. Either you have a mobile photo printer or an instant Polaroid camera, and your guests can take home their funny photos.

Old-fashioned newspaper Thank you
If you have an older crowd that still reads the newspaper or generally wants to receive the ultimate vintage appreciation, you can put a "thank you card" in your local newspaper to all your wedding guests. This thank-you card will forever be engraved on local history, and your guests as well as all citizens of the city will be able to access it.

Many thanks to the guests personally
If your wedding guests are not among the few hundreds and the schedule allows it, tours at the front desk can have a big impact on your wedding guests. While this will take some time and each and every person is visited for a moment, on your big day a reminder will be created for your guests that they will never forget.

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