6-year-old girl acts as the primary care for her father

When most children complain and protest that they should help their parents in the house, a six-year-old girl harasses other children in China. For years Jia Jia has been the predominant caretaker for her paralyzed father.

An incredible duo left behind

When Jia Jia's father, Tian Haicheng, was paralyzed after a tragic taxi crash, the two had to take care of themselves. Jia Jia's mother gave up her daughter and husband and took her younger brother with her as she left.


At the age of six, Jia Jia wakes up early each morning before going to school. Obediently she visits her paralyzed father, massages his muscles, feeds him with food and even shaves him. Jia Jia, who never complains about her life, is happy to support and look after her father. She understands that her father loves her and needs help, and she is not too tired to do what she can.

Determined and dutiful despite the opportunities

When most little kids spend time playing with friends, thinking or entertaining creatures, Jia Jia selflessly looks after her sick father. In a cruel twist of fate, Jia Jia's father looks at his daughter to help him move on in life.


When Jia Jia was asked how she felt about her mother, the little child replied, "She does not miss her mother," because she left her father when she needed her most. Jia Jia terribly misses her younger brother, who has not been seen since her mother.

Melting hearts worldwide

Despite the hardships faced by Jia Jia and her father Tian Haicheng, they still manage to smile, laugh and enjoy life. Jia Jia takes care of her homework after taking care of her father. Tian lets his daughter ride his motorized wheelchair.


So incredible and the love of the incredible little girl and devotion to her dad is melting hearts worldwide, hopefully more financial support can be given to make life easier for the couple. And maybe Jia Jia can spend more time being a kid than a caretaker who appreciates her father,


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