7 Anti Aging Face Yoga Exercises

So we know that exercise makes our body good, but what about our face? You would think, talking, chewing and expressing our emotions is enough to make our face look tight. What else can we do? Many people think that if you want to change something about your face, the only option is plastic surgery or filler or botox. Well, there is another, non-invasive option – yoga. It's not just for your body, it's also yoga for your face. And the results you can get out of it are so impressive that all your thoughts about invasive beauty procedures will disappear. Curious? Well, go ahead and try it.

1. Smooth forehead
If you find you are only frowning on the lines that form, even if your face is neutral, try this facial yoga exercise. Make a surprised face by expanding your eyes as much as possible without raising your eyebrows. Hold it for 10 to 15 seconds and release it. This exercise tightens the muscles around your eyes and forehead. Do this a few times each day whenever you have the time and you should see an improvement within 10 days.

2. Bright eyes
If your eyelids are falling or you see that bags under them are forming, there is a Face Yoga exercise to fix it. Place both fingers on the inner corner of your eyebrows and place your index fingers on the end of your eyebrows. Apply light pressure, not hard enough to hurt or feel discomfort, but enough to feel a bit of pressure. Look up with your eyes and listen. The goal is to move your lower eyelids while squinting. Schiele about 6 times and then finish the exercise by squeezing your eyes for about 10 seconds. This should help reduce the appearance of bags, puffiness and drooping eyelids.

3. Toned cheeks
As people get older, they tend to get those flabby or hollow cheeks. You do not want to try this simple facial exercise to tighten your cheeks. Take a big sip of air through your mouth and formulate your lips into a tube, then open your cheeks and hold your breath a little, exhale. Do this a few times and you'll start to really feel it in your cheeks. Yes, it's silly, but it's a workout for your face.


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