7 classic mistakes women do with men

Women are emotional people and often tend to go against the better judgment with the flow of these emotions. Sometimes we are so deeply in love that we decide to believe that anything is possible when in reality, well, some things just do not change (especially if that "thing" is your friend). We, girls, also tend to lose ourselves in our dreams about relationships rather than being present and experiencing them at the moment. All these things can easily drive a guy away! Here are 7 classic mistakes women make with men.

Hunt for him
It is true that we live in a modern world when a woman can ask a man and it will be fine (somehow), but for most of the boys it is still fine, and if it is, then that is one Red flag right there. It can not hurt to show interest if you like the guy, but to take things into your hands and do all the action is something you should avoid at all costs. Deep inside, the boys are still hunters, biologically equipped to look for the things they want. So, if a man likes you, it's natural for him to take the first step and let you know. But even if you stumble on a timid and after all your overtures, he always seems more polite than interested in meeting you – then drop it, girl! Hunting for guys has never done any good.

Thinking that you can change / save him
No matter what trouble he brings into your life, it's not up to you to fix it. Whether it's some kind of addiction, lack of work, or just some rough habits that drives you crazy, do not think for a minute that things will change if you move or marry together. Sure, people change when they're in love, but because they want it themselves. They are the ones who initiate the change. If he did not ask for help before they both started dating or did not even try to improve his life, it means he's good with the way things are. Think carefully before you go too deep into it.

Play the relationship game
At the beginning of the relationship, when everything is fresh and new, we can imagine the other person. But somewhere in this process, our focus may shift and we begin to enjoy the fact of being more in a relationship than the actual person with whom we have connected. You begin to think about what you should do as a couple instead of looking after your wants and needs. It's almost impossible to build a meaningful connection while you're just playing the game of relationship. Forget about all stereotypes and focus on your real bond, which may not be perfect, but will definitely lead to something real.


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