7 reasons why couples leave for a baby

Up to 50% of the couples divide after the first baby. This statistic is sad, but points to a number of issues that need to be addressed before a couple decides to become parents. Now people no longer know how many changes their lives will undergo after the birth of a child. That's why they are so shocked that they live together as parents for a few months. As you learn the most common changes, you can address all these issues and work on your relationship.

Lack of communication

Of course, it will be harder to talk to your partner and talk about your needs when a small human is crying desperately on your lap. But it does not mean that you have none! Your partner may also feel depressed, tired, and emotionally drained, but since you both do not speak as much as before, the relationship becomes tense and eventually explodes.


This happens when new parents are consumed with responsibility and are too stressed to help each other deal with it. Each partner feels alone on this parental journey, resulting in a loss of trust and a break in the relationship.

Life becomes chaotic

When a baby is born in the family of two children, his life changes completely. There is less time for your partner, no time for yourself, and you do not seem to control anything at all. Most couples who separated after a baby described their lives as completely chaotic, to a point where they could not stand it anymore.

The relationship was not solid

Unfortunately, most couples who have children today do so without planning. This means that a baby comes into your life without careful consideration and preparation. If problems have arisen in front of the baby, the appearance of a new person will definitely reveal all the flaws in your relationship.

sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation can destroy even the strongest relationship – just because the partners do not get enough rest! You become moody, brooding, irritated and your decision-making ability suffers too much. In a situation like this, you inevitably have more quarrels with your partner who just keeps piling up because you do not have the time or power to solve the problems.

Baby as a fix for a relationship

It should be obvious that using a baby as a means of solving your relationship is a bad idea, but many people still choose to do it in the hope that it will somehow solve all the problems. On the contrary, having a baby just makes them worse, because you do not have enough time to communicate, make appointments, be romantic, or just sleep.

Postpartum depression

Women are expected to be happy after having a baby, but the reality is a bit more complicated. Postpartum depression is a fairly common affair, but women tend to hide it from their partners and pretend they are okay. However, they expect their spouses to know that something is wrong and help them. In the end, they feel disappointed with their partner and guilty because they do not love the baby as they should. This burdens every relationship!

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