7 signs that you depend on your partner

Co-dependent relationships may seem funny and comfortable at first, but in the long run they only cause trouble. Yes, it does feel quite remarkable when you finally find the person who fills in all your gaps and masks, what is missing. But when it comes to your personal, intellectual, and spiritual development, it's like being in a swamp without the prospect of ever getting out. Because you complement each other so well, you lean on each other in every aspect of your life. Instead of making you complete and independent, you fully rely on the other person to help you. Come familiarly Here are 7 characters, which are also dependent on your partner.

They do not deal with your emotions
Whatever happens in your life, good or bad, you always turn to your partner to share your feelings. You avoid bearing that burden and facing what you really feel. You'd rather want him to forget who you really are. Engage yourself and find your way back to your emotions – a gift that makes you who you are!

You put your social life on hold
You are so addicted to your partner that you focus on him and his life and neglect your own social relationships.

You do not have your own opinion
They always seek him for the opinion of this or that thing. You find it difficult to form your own opinion and make decisions, because in a dependent relationship you usually rely on the other person in all matters and this habit becomes a habit that is difficult to overcome. Do not try to draw conclusions when asked for something, take a minute and try to figure out if you really think so, or is this your partner whispering in your ear?


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