8 characters, he will be a good father

Finding a good friend is one thing, but finding a partner who will be a good father for your future children is another problem. It's not so easy to determine if you will be a good father. I mean, we all occasionally have that moment when we see our friend or just a nice guy on the street being gorgeous with a kid, and we think "Yeah, he's going to be such a good dad", but will he? Or does he just look cute with a child? What are the criteria for a good father? Well, it's hard to say, but we've found some signs that we think will lead you in the right direction.

1. He helps you out
If you need Dad, you need someone to help you in the house. I mean, if he just sits there and plays video games while you clean up around him – that's not a good sign. They want someone who immediately gets up and says "Let me help you with this". Cause Let's be real, nobody wants a guy who does not know how to change a diaper.

2. He is a dog owner
Some may say that comparing children with puppies is rude, but hey, they both shit and you have to clean them up. No, but seriously, having a puppy is not a joke, it takes a lot of time and effort, and taking care of a dog is not as easy as it seems. So if he has a dog, he knows how to handle it and he will not have a problem cleaning up a child or taking care of the baby when it gets sick.

3. He has rushed you from a hangover
Look, it sounds weird, but if you find a guy who hugged you in the toilet bowl at 3 am and then volunteered for a hangover or cooked you a breakfast and made you well again, he's on Guardian. You want someone to take care of you if you do not feel so good.


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