8 hottest lipstick colors for 2019

    When we ring in 2019, great lip colors must prevail. Moisturizing lipsticks not only stay on your head, they keep you nourished all day long. Wear long lasting lipsticks filled with rich colors to create a fullness effect and give your lips the healthy glow they need.

    This strong, dull red lipstick is something you can wear all year round and still play it safe. Contrary to popular belief, red in the winter is not very good (especially for the holiday season with Christmas and New Year's Eve parties). Believe it or not, it's like seducing in the spring, summer and fall. The red lip color feels like a pleasant balm, but is super lively and great on the lips.

    A combination of dark purple and a touch of pink is a great choice for couples in bold clothing colors. It's a sensational color that highlights your eyes and works really well with a berry-colored shadow. It also goes well with those who have brown eyes.


    It's as heady as it sounds. The color is long-lasting and a wonderful mat for the lips. By keeping the rest of your makeup simple, you can balance everything by wearing the dark stained paint.


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