8 important trends that will change your 2019 beauty game

    2019 seems to be the year everyone digs through his skin care routine, and really looks at beauty products, what they do and how they work. Let's take a look at 8 important trends that will change your game of beauty in 2019.

    1. Face masks
    Let's face it, face masks never go away. They really started last year and stay with us in 2019 and are getting more and more exciting. Whether you prefer home-made, cream or clay masks, peel off masks or the classic leaf mask – you'll find one for you on the market. Now they come up with fun designs, glitter and recently vial masks are a hit.

    2. Simple skin care
    The hours of complicated 15-hour Korean-inspired beauty routines that take hours to complete are almost over. We tried it all, it worked, it was fun for a while, but now it's getting old. Is it really necessary to use so many products? Does it make a noticeable difference? 2019 is the year of easy and simple skincare. Just wash, toner and moisturizer. With extra sunscreen and maybe from time to time a serum. That's all you really need. Quality over quantity.

    3. Ingredients
    We are becoming more aware of the ingredients and their impact each year and 2019 will be the year we are really watching. Whether you're getting a vitamin C moisturizer or a rosehip-infused serum, people know what's working for them and choose their beauty products based on the ingredients that are right for them.


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