8 of the most common relationship issues (and how to fix them)

Perfect couples do not exist and it's something we all should know. No matter how happy and how people look together, when they are on the road, they believe that they also have some problems. The key is to identify, fix, and continue to work on these issues. If you both make an effort and try everything to make it work, the happier you will be and the better your relationship will be. To begin improving your relationship, here is a list of common relationship issues and how to fix them.

1. communication
This is the most common problem and probably the most important thing in a relationship. Think about it, if your communication sucks – everything else will suck. The most common reasons for poor communication are usually very easy to solve. You have to set some rules. For example, you can not really talk about a movie or scrolling on your phone. You need to take some time and express what you are having problems with. If you're already contracted – just turn off your TV, put your cell phones in airplane mode, and spend time talking. If you live apart, set a specific date on which to walk and talk in the park instead of going out for a dinner or movie. Public places are also good in the event that any serious conversation turns into a loud fight, so you'll be too embarrassed to raise your voice and therefore talk quietly.

2. parents
Having a good relationship with your partner's parents is a good idea, but remember that it's not necessarily a must. We do not say that you can ignore them from the beginning, but if you tried your best to get along with them and they are rude and hostile towards you – then you do not have to put up with that. But do not let this issue go unnoticed, tell your partner how you feel and how your parents make you feel and explain why you want to spend less time with them or why you do not feel like participating in their family dinner. We are sure your partner will understand and maybe talk to his parents to solve this problem.

3rd sex
It does not seem to be a problem in the beginning when it's new and exciting. But over time, some couples find that they do not have it often enough, or it happens much less often. The problem here could be that your needs are different. One of you can have a higher libido and the other lower one. It's normal and you can definitely work with it as long as you communicate your needs with each other. A good way to get that spark back is to try something new and different, make suggestions to each other, who knows, maybe some of them will overlap, you'll find out something that you'll be interested in.


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