8 reasons why men ignore women

Sometimes men ignore women, it makes no sense to deny it. Many of us, girls, often wonder why this happens and apart from the most obvious answer (he's just not interested), there are some other reasons why most women have no idea. So, here are 8 common reasons why men ignore women.

His ego was hurt
Of course you did it unintentionally, but men are sensitive creatures. If you have somehow managed to hurt his feelings about his abilities in bed, at work, finances or his physical features, it could easily make him cold and ignore it. It's probably not your fault, but it happens often.

He is jealous
Men are so wired – they want other men to be jealous of them because of their fantastic girlfriend, but hate being jealous! So when another guy flirts with his wife, he wants her to declare that she already has a boyfriend and does not even smile at this guy. So if you have male friends – that could be the case!

He ignores you before you ignore him
When he is with his friends, he feels more insecure when approaching a woman, especially when he really likes her. Friends are important and he does not want to embarrass himself. He ignores your signals! And yes, that's cowardly!


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